Cobra are encouraging gardeners to get outdoors and switch off while mowing this Mental Health Awareness Week with the launch of its Mow For Your Mind campaign. (4th-15th May 2022)

As part of this and our commitment to helping mental health causes, Cobra is donating 10% of the total sales of one of its most popular models between 4th and 15th May to mental charity, Mind. The award-winning MX3440V cordless lawnmower has been chosen as the ‘Mow For Your Mind’ mower. Being a cordless, battery powered lawnmower, it is quieter than most, meaning gardeners can tend to their plot without noise or petrol fumes disturbing the peace – promoting a truly peaceful mowing experience along with a clear eco-conscience too!

Cobra wants to encourage more people to recognise the benefits of simply spending time outdoors, and how mowing the lawn can be a fantastic way of switching off from the stresses of everyday life.  A report in the Mental Health Journal* cited gardening as being able to reduce stress and improve mood, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Furthering, research by Mind found that 67% of adults said that spending time outside helps them boost their mental health**, demonstrating that gardening can be a simple, accessible route to wellbeing while reducing stress and anxiety too.
To help gardeners switch off and find mindful moments while mowing, Cobra has shared its top five ways in which simply mowing the lawn and spending time in the garden can help significantly improve mental health and wellbeing: